The 10 Best & Worst Things MORE Readers Have Done

MORE asked 1,200 women 60 and older to share what they've learned about love, work, parenthood and finding their true path. Here, the top 10 hits and misses of their lives so far

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Best: Raised my children

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Worst: Married my husband(s)/stayed in a bad marriage

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Best: Married my husband

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Worst: Displayed personal flaws such as impatience and excessive worrying

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Best: Had my career

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Worst: Made poor decisions in personal relationships

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Best: Got an education

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Worst: Made poor career-related decisions

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Best: Maintained close relationships (family/friends)

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Worst: Wasn't a better daughter

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Best: Touched others' lives

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Worst: Got divorced

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Best: Was a good daughter

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Worst: Wasn't a better mother; didn't attend/finish college (tie)

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Best: Appreciated/stayed true to myself

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Worst: Had an affair; wasn't true to myself (tie)

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Best: Focused on religion

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Worst: Wasn't a better spouse

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Best: Lived in the present

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Originally published in the November 2012 issue

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