10 Reasons to Cheer Moms of Kids with Special Needs

Here’s why they deserve special props.

Ellen and her son, Max.
Photograph: Photo courtesy of the author.

Ellen Seidman is magazine writer, editor, Web consultant and author of the award-winning blog Love That Max. Her son Max, 7, has cerebral palsy.

Three cheers for us, because:

1.   We understand our kids better than anyone else, even if they can’t talk, gesture, or look us in the eye.

2.   We work overtime every single day.

3.   We also worry overtime, but we work it through. Or we eat chocolate or gourmet cheese, which aren’t reimbursable by insurance companies but should be.

4.   Just when it seems like things are going fine, they’re suddenly not. Yet somehow, we always deal, even when it seems like our heads or hearts might explode.

5.   We never stop pushing for our kids.

6.   We we never stop hoping for them, either.

7.   We gracefully handle the stares, the comments, the rude remarks. Well, mostly gracefully.

8.   We give our kids with special needs endless love, and then we still have so much love left for our other kids, our husbands, our family. And our hairstylist, of course.

9.   When we look at our kids we just see amazing kids. Not "kids with autism/Down syndrome/cerebral palsy/developmental delays/ADD/whatever label.”

10.  And because, well, you tell me . . . please comment below!

To read the rest of the reasons, visit Ellen Seidman’s blog, Love That Max.

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