10 Reasons We're Really Glad We're Over 40

In honor of MORE’s 10th anniversary, we celebrate midlife with this list.

By Karen Karbo
  1. We know our own style. We are not afraid to not wear black. (Or use double negatives.)
  2. We’ve honed our ability to allow things to roll off our backs. In our 20s, if a friend of a friend snubbed us at a cocktail party, we’d stew for a week. We’d call the friend and ask what was with her friend. Was she seething with envy over our new hair color? Our weight loss? The fact we stole her ex out from under her nose after she’d claimed she’d moved on (ha!)? Now, we don’t even remember the snub the next morning.
  3. We feel absolutely no compulsion to have a MySpace page, and no need to apologize for not having one.
  4. We’ve grown to appreciate the singularity of our own selves, rather than cursing our wide shoulders, pointy elbows, or whatever else we wasted most of our younger days despising. Gone are the days when we spent hours staring at our knees in the mirror, despairing that they would prevent us from experiencing true love, happiness, and the ability to look stunning in a mini. We love our knees.
  5. Sex is better than ever, largely because we’re not afraid to ask for what we want and realize that faking orgasm only reinforces male ineptitude.
  6. We are able to embody the confidence and wisdom of Coco Chanel, who once quipped, "I don’t do fashion. I am fashion."
  7. It’s a cinch to say no to: throwing huge parties for people from work we barely know, co-chairing the school auction ("It’ll only be a few hours a week!"), and allowing our husband’s little brother to move into our basement. Like a bad fever, our hyper-dutiful sense of obligation has run its course.
  8. Younger men are now old enough to have real careers and order a round of martinis.
  9. We’ve finally absorbed the reality that no pair of $3,000 sandals will ever be as sexy as quarterly dividends.
  10. We’ve regained all that time we used to spend freaking out about turning 40.

What are your reasons for feeling great after 40? Post them in the comments section below!Originally published on MORE.com, March 2008.

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