10 Women Who Make Us Laugh

We give a shout out to the funniest stars in the business.
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Kathy Griffin, 42

The D-List diva cuts celebrities down to size and exposes the hilarious underbelly of her own almost-famous life.
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Wanda Sykes, 45

She never fails to call it as she sees it (just ask Dick Cheney!), and this fall she’ll get to do so on her own Saturday late-night talk show.
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Diane Keaton, 63

She shines in four comedies that defined their decades: Annie Hall, Baby Boom, The First Wives Club and Something’s Gotta Give. We can’t wait to see what she’ll tell us about women in 2010.
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Ellen DeGeneres, 51

Her name says it all: She wins fans with her remarkably generous, gentle brand of observational humor.
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Holland Taylor, 66

Her matriarch on Two and a Half Men is just the latest in a grand series of comically caustic authority figures.
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Tracey Ullman, 49

Her State of the Union series skewers characters ranging from a Buffalo news anchor ("It’s five a.m. and five below") to Laura Bush.
Photo by: Michael Elins/Showtime

Whoopi Goldberg, 53

From her Ghost-ly psychic role to her verbal smackdowns on The View, she’s the comic voice of reason.
Photo by: Demis Maryannakis/Splash News

Jane Krakowski, 40

As 30 Rock’s Jenna, she takes self-absorption to spectacular new heights.
Photo by: LPD/Splash News

Lily Tomlin, 69

Since playing Laugh-In‘s ringy-dingying Ernestine, she has found loony humanity in a parade of misfits.
Photo by: Gene Young/Splash News

Margaret Cho, 40

The Korean-American star has turned her struggles with racism, weight and addiction into lacerating, explicit, politically charged comedy. NEXT: View a slideshow of Stars Who Make Over 40 Look Fab here
Photo by: Kiley Bishop/LondonEnt/Splash News

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