40 Years Ago, Her Son Was Killed at Kent State

What would he have been like now?

By Elaine Holstein
The author’s son, Jeffrey Miller, who was killed at Kent State on May 4, 1970.
Photograph: Photo by Newscom.

And what about those other grandchildren that my husband and I might have enjoyed?
Now, as I watch the news on TV each night, I deplore the increasing ugliness of politics, and I’m afraid. I know too well what can happen when hatred takes over.
Please, let us lower the volume and be civil toward each other.
For Jeff’s sake. And for all of ours.
Elaine Holstein, a retired school secretary and social worker, lives in New York City with her husband, Arthur, and has, on occasion, written articles and spoken to students on the subject of the Kent State shootings. She can be reached at pmproj@progressive.org.
Copyright Elaine Holstein

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