Acting Their Age: Jane Fonda, Sharon Stone, Tea Leoni

Jane Fonda, Sharon Stone, and Tea Leoni reveal how they make their age work for them, not against them, in Hollywood

Jane Fonda, Sharon Stone, and Tea Leoni on MORE's November 2008 cover (Photo: Matthew Rolston)

Jane Fonda, Sharon Stone, and Tea Leoni light up MORE‘s November cover — and talk frankly about Hollywood ageism inside. Here’s what they had to say:Jane Fonda, 70On ego: "Women like me tend to have a porous ego. I don’t anymore."On her ex-husband Ted Turner, who she’s friendly with: "He taught me that over-the-top and outrageous are lovable. People used to say I didn’t have a sense of humor. They were right. Ten years with Ted gave me humor and confidence."On her lack of film projects today: "Shouldn’t be shocking, given the reality." The films she’s offered, she says are "either dour, or less interesting versions of the shrewish mother-in-law. And I’m too old to produce, because it takes years. I can’t. But I really do want to make movies."About staying busy: "You know, I made the workout famous. And this is the time for the work-in. This is the time to continue developing and growing."Sharon Stone, 50About the reality of turning 40 in 1998: "I thought, oh, ‘I’m European! I’m Anouk Aimee! I’m fantastic and sexy and amazing.’" Hollywood, however, reacted differently. "It was like, ‘You have leprosy.’" Recalling how the luxury freebies dried up, she says "I couldn’t get a dress — or a job."About how she walked away after Casino: "I could have had another rocket ride, but I ran away like my hair was on fire. I didn’t want to face another Basic Instinct avalanche. I didn’t want to be Sharon Stone all over again."About her controversial comments at Cannes about the earthquake in China: "I’m not perfect. I don’t live my life trying to be a mellifluous sound bite. But it’s never my intention to be mean or unkind to anyone, certainly not to people who are already being hurt."About being poised to meet Mr. Right: "I never wanted to marry before, but they were just hounding me, especially my last husband."Tea Leoni, 42About her upcoming flick, Manure: "I’m basically made to look like Tippi Hedren. Hitchcock blonde is what we’re going for. The entire movie is brown. Everything. The sets, the props, the wardrobe, the cars. And I’m the only thing in cream. It’s funny, it’s a very simple thread but at the same time it’s all about our relationship to shit. Our own, others’, selling it, making it, smelling it, being offended by it, reveling in it, getting hit with it when it hits the fan. But at the same time, we have this incredible cast with Billy Bob Thornton, who is maybe my new favorite person in the world."About being thrilled not to be cast as "the chick of the flick": "That’s where your skirts are up to here and you’re blissfully 20 years younger than your co-star — and that would be his bliss and not necessarily my own. It simply becomes a different movie if you’re 10 years older."About paparazzi events: "The red carpet makes me feel like a bullshit artist. I don’t hang with anybody who stalks press."About why she thinks older actresses are more interesting: "It’s not just that a 28-year-old doesn’t have a lot of experience. It’s that I don’t worry about a 28-year-old, certainly not one who looks like most of the young leading ladies."For the full feature, pick up a copy of MORE‘s 10th anniversary issue on stands now.

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