And We Shine

by Lita Perna • Member { View Profile }

We shimmer in this middle of our lives, centered like a diamond in its setting. Each of us is unique in our imperfections, each of us brilliant and strong.

We have fought for every crease and wrinkle, and we won. And when we lost what was no longer important, we won again.

We are unbent and unbroken. We stand firm in our flexibility, still reinventing who we are as we always have, and now, as we never have before. We’re more. Our imagination creates paths to new worlds. Our courage takes the first step.

The struggles that made us strong and the tears that softened our edges have made us unique and precious jewels.

In the words of Joni Mitchell, “We are stardust. We are golden.”

In this very center of our lifetime we glow with the warmth of our wisdom and experience. We light the way for those who follow.

And we shine.

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