'The Broadroom' Premiere

Party pics from the premiere of Candace Bushnell and MORE’s new webseries, ‘The Broadroom.’
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Forget 90210

Jennie Garth is taking time from her stint on the CW’s revamped 90210 to play The Broadroom’s "Breadwinner," Natasha. The character is relatably neurotic: "I worry about everything: Will I still have a job tomorrow? Will the world get destroyed by global warming? Will I have to wear a name tag in the meeting later?"

Meet the Ladies of The Broadroom

This savvy cast-Lauren Devereux, Jennifer Esposito, Jennie Garth, Mary McCann and Talia Balsam (from left)-knows how to pose.

The Woman Who Started It All

Writer Candace Bushnell knows all about powerful females. The Broadroom follows her earlier (and much loved) works, Lipstick Jungle, One Fifth Avenue and, of course, Sex and the City.

Roan’s Lament

In the first webisode, Roan (played by Jennifer Esposito) reveals she hasn’t had a date in 10 months. Where are all the good men? "They’re in their basements trying to start up comic book companies, or they suddenly decided to become a screenwriter at the age of 39."

Welcome, Broads and Gents

MORE magazine editor in chief Lesley Jane Seymour takes the podium and charms the crowd.

Rocking the Red Carpet

Garth chats up reporters while Bushnell poses for photographers.

Mad Woman

Mad Men’s Talia Balsam plays Julie, the "Juggler." "All of my life I’ve had a label," Julie says. "Love ‘em on clothes, hate ‘em on people."

MORE to Love

MORE editor Seymour and Bushnell pose with Andy Sareyan, Meredith’s chief brand (not ‘broad’) officer.

Generation Gap

Newcomer Lauren Devereux is Brittney (the "Millennial"), the youngest of The Broadroom’s bit players-but not necessarily the sexiest.

It’s a Colorful Life

Costars Balsam and Garth pose with two of Maybelline’s Colorful Life contest winners, Jacqueline Wayans (in the gorgeous green dress) and Kara Forney.

Brilliant Advice

Mary McCann plays Lucy, the "Opter" in the show. When the character loses her temper in line at the airport, she gets strip searched-exposing her enormous, unattractive underwear. "Then I remembered my mantra: When you’re having a bad day, just lower your standards."

Lipstick Graffiti

... never looked so good.

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