Cheryl Hines: "Why I Didn't Get a Boob Job"

The Curb Your Enthusiasm star keeps you abreast

By Esther Haynes
Photograph: Illustration by: Daniel Adel

Cheryl Hines is having the busiest year of her career. The Emmy-nominated actress (best known for HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm) costarred in the series In theMotherhood and has roles in several new movies, including The Ugly Truth. Plus, she made her big screen directorial debut this spring with Serious Moonlight. Here, she puts it all into perspective.

I don’t regret . . .
. . . that my first acting gig was at the Universal Studios theme park, reenacting the shower scene in Psycho I was standing in a real shower with real water, in a flesh-colored bodysuit, getting stabbed with a rubber knife about 12 times a day. I had the time of my life.

. . . being a midlife woman in Hollywood.  I actually feel like I’ve been appreciated more since I turned 40. I’ve had more op­por­tunities, in that I got to direct and I’ve produced some television shows. I feel like women need to make their own op­por­tunities. Sometimes it’s a little more chal­lenging for us, but certainly not impossible.

. . . not getting breast implants. When I first moved here, I did have a quote-unquote manager who suggested that I get a boob job. But I am who I am, and I couldn’t imagine what kinds of roles bigger boobs would help me get; they didn’t seem like the roles I was after to be­gin with. Especially as I mature as an actress, I think it was a very wise decision.

. . . raising a child in Los Angeles with my husband [Paul Young,  chairman of the Groundlings Theater]. There are so many intelligent and creative people in this town, it’s energizing. That said, you do have to be mindful of the fact that Sharon Stone’s child might be in your kid’s class, or, you know, Posh and what’s-his-name are going to be next door. You have to remember to keep your sanity. It’s not normal to fly in a private jet!

. . . my short stint in beauty school. I’m thankful every time I have to get my­self ready for something important. I look in the mirror and think, oh, I’m so glad I know how to use a hot iron! 

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