Class Warfare

Wendy Kopp-the woman who wants to save our schools.

by Judith Warner
Photograph: Photo: Michele Asselin

Since that last year at Princeton, Kopp has been siphoning off some of each generation’s leaders, steering them away from Wall Street and into service. Kopp has seeded the schools. “The most successful teachers—teachers who are putting kids on a different academic and life trajectory—are operating like successful leaders anywhere,” she says. “They’re goal oriented and purposeful. They’re maximizing every minute, constantly reflecting and improving. This is teaching as leadership, and it’s the foundation of everything we do.” Now we all wait to learn where her army of alumni will lead our children.

Judith Warner is the author of We’ve Got Issues: Children and Parents in the Age of Medication.

Originally published in the December 2010/January 2011 issue of More.


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STLReader 04.23.2011

When TFA started, I thought it sounded like an amazing idea. But 20 years later, that's all it is - a good idea that simply doesn't work. In fact, I believe it does far more damage than good. I know two former TFA teachers and both say it's a complete joke. But it's no skin of their backs-- both are now attending law school at major universities, where the yearly tuition is more than the total income of every child in both schools, combined. To pretend that a 22-year old from an upper middle class home could possibly have the experience and maturity to teach a group of poor kids in one of the worst school districts in my state is just ... ridiculous. I don't have the answers either, but I'm sad to day that TFA isn't one of them.

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