Diane Keaton Doesn't Miss Men

It might work "if I paid him," she jokes.

By Johanna Schneller
Photograph: Photo by: Ruven Afanador

She’s full of admiration for actresses such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Sandra Bullock, “strong, feisty women who take a monumental responsibility for every aspect of their careers,” Keaton says. “It’s not just acting, it’s also producing, being a spokesperson, a beauty campaign representative. They’re a brand.” Back when Keaton broke through in Annie Hall, “the tone of those times was, ‘Be very choosy and don’t do too much.’ ” She pauses for the fraction of a second that for her constitutes a pause. “Mistake. I don’t agree with that at all anymore. You might as well just dive in and really take it on.” 

Keaton says she’s “proud of the fact that I’m still here, still working. That I’ve been able to take care of things.” But she’s also been feeling her mortal-ity a little more. On her first day of filming Morning Glory, she did a scene in which Colleen interviews a sumo wrestler while dressed in a sumo fat suit. Keaton thought it would be funny if she charged headlong into the wrestler; she ended up banging her head on the sidewalk, hard enough to send her to the hospital. She was fine, though she felt some vertigo for weeks afterward. “It did make me realize that there could be an end to me,” she says. “It changes your outlook . . . You’re aware of time and that nothing is permanent.”

Keaton wouldn’t call this phase of life easier, she says. But it is “more challenging, and more full. The experiences you have are deeper. Just being alive has so much more meaning.” She remembers how her Grammy Hall would sit watching the local news and cluck, “It’s a weird old world.” As a kid, Keaton thought that was odd. But now she understands. “The older I get,” she says, “the more I go, what? That’s astonishing! How could that be?” Being with her feels the same way.

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