Elizabeth Edwards: The Toughest Job in Politics

Could YOU do it? The job of Spouse is one of the toughest in politics.

By Kerri Miller

Bill Clinton
The spouse | Bill Clinton, 60
Day job | Founder of his philanthropic organization
The candidate | Senator Hillary Clinton, 59 (D.-N.Y.)
On his role if Hillary is elected
"I think, in general, former presidents should do whatever the current president asks them to do, if they can do it in good conscience, anybody. If President Bush asked me to do something, if I can do it in good conscience, I would do it. You know, his father and I did the Katrina work, the tsunami work. And I have done two or three other things for [George W. Bush]. You know, I love [Hillary] very much. And I think she would be a great president. And all presidents need help. They need all the help they can get. And we’re going to have a lot of challenges. So if she asked me to do something, whatever it was, I would probably do it. But I — I hope I won’t have to give up the work I do now entirely. I’d like to continue my foundation work around the world. But I want to be there for her. She — if the America people select her, I’m going to do everything I can to be there for her.’‘
Source: CNN Larry King Live interview, April 19, 2007
On the transparency of marriage
"After being married for nearly 30 years and observing my friends’ experiences with separations, reconciliations, and divorces, I’ve learned that marriage, with all its magic and misery, its contentments and disappointments, remains a mystery, not easy for those in it to understand and largely inaccessible to outsiders."
Source: Bill Clinton, My Life, copyright 2004
Originally published on MORE.com, June 2007.

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