Everything Is Revealed At 40

at 40 you find out who you really are and the purpose of your life, where you have been, and the meaning of it all.

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Putting it together. I have never felt better nor have I looked better. It’s almost like at 40 you find out who you really are and the purpose of your life, where you have been, and the meaning of it all.

Life’s full circle. Being a mother and now a grandmother. WOW! What a feeling that is. I never thought at the age of 39, my 20-year-old son and his wife would make me a grandmother. Watching that baby boy come into this world and being on the receiving end of child birth was amazing. Now he is 5 years old, and I am his Namma. I love that name; he gave it to me. He is moving out of state in a few weeks. The bond we have will never be broken.

Now I have my second grandchild. I was there for her birth as well. My daughter (24 years) was amazing. It took her four hours to have that baby. Her doctor was expecting an all-day process with this being her first birth. My older children are amazing to me — the patience and parenting skills they show with their children, especially being first-time parents. They have full-time careers plus raising their children. The balance they have in their lives impresses me, but they certainly are not perfect by any means. 

My stepdad passed away two years ago. He had been living with my two boys and I eight years pryor to his death. He battled lung cancer, and he died the way he wanted to with his dignity and strength. He was ready to go, and he told me he was ready. He made the decisions with his care. I supported him every step of the way. The family was around his bed at the time he passed. My sister and I were right there holding his hands as he took his last breath. Can I just say that was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, watching some one I love die? I think about him every day.

My lifes experiences have consisted of a lot of things (life) — good, bad and indifferent. That’s all I have to say about that. LOL! I thank God every day for everything in my life and ALL my experiences. It makes me the wonderful person I am today. When I wake up in the morning, it’s a great day!

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