Focusing Public Awareness on Women's Rights

Actress and documentarian Kamala Lopez talks about turning the Equal Rights Amendment into law

by Kristina Johnson
Kamala Lopez
Photograph: Jamie Medrano Jr.

Kamala Lopez launched her ERA Education Project in 2009 when she learned, during a visit to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C., that the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) never actually became law. Speaking of her unawareness, she says, “It was as if I’d been living in the Twilight Zone.”

Lopez, an actress (The Burning Season) and filmmaker (A Single Woman), hopes to rally support for passage of the ERA with the documentary she’s now producing, Equal Means Equal. “You can’t believe the things I’ve heard,” says Lopez, who has been interviewing women nationwideabout how civil rights issues (such as equal pay and domestic violence) affect their daily lives. “I don’t want to be whiny or bitchy, but women are not OK.”

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First published in the March 2014 issue

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