The Forgotten Woman

A tribute to all the mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunts who deserve to be called, written, visited.

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Some call her granny, nana or ma’am, Mrs., sista, auntie or Madam.

Many have forgotten her true name, y’all! ‘cause many don’t bother to call her at all.

From womb to cradle, from cradle to grave; with spoon and ladle, she gave and she gave.

Now that we’re grown, healthy and strong, most forget and ignore her. That’s wrong!

Yes, it’s wrong y’all, to forget to call the woman who taught you to walk and to crawl!

And it’s so unfair to forget to care for the woman who taught you to talk and to share!

She’s the Forgotten Woman in your life! She could be your mom, sis, auntie or wife.

From our skinned knees through the birds and the bees; from our first date, through our last heartbreak.

From our nursing, crawling, diapers and teething; through success and achievement, failure and grieving;

Through good times and bad, through thick and through thin, she cheered us on and she saved our skin.

As our rock and fortress and beacon of light, she was always there in the darkest of night.

But now that she’s old, withered and worn, we repay her with isolation, neglect and scorn.

Many birthdays, holidays and decades have passed y’all. She receives no visit, no card and no phone call.

The less stimulation, the less reason for her to think. She loses desire to sleep, eat and drink.

She becomes too weak to walk on her own, to turn on the TV or talk on the phone.

She dims, she fades, she disappears. Nobody sees, nobody hears.

No one remembers her name or her face. Forgotten in time! Forgotten in space!

If it wasn’t for she, you would not be!

Too busy to call…too busy to see…that you are who you are beCAUSE!… she!… WAS!


Where she lacks in education, she makes up for in resourcefulness, creativity and edification.

Where she lacks in energy, she makes up for in diligence, accuracy and punctuality.

Where she lacks in youth, she makes up for in wisdom, discipline and truth.

She’s over 50, nifty and thrifty.

She’s of all ethnic, educational backgrounds and races, cultures, religions regions and places.

She’s overworked, underpaid, jobless, homeless, retired, wealthy but betrayed.

She’s single, widowed, separated, divorced, or dumped or in a bad marriage to some evil grump.

She’s forgotten, unloved, abandoned, abused, depressed, distressed, mistreated and refused.

She’s full of forgotten knowledge, wisdom and experience that no one wants to hear.

She’s gentle, compassionate, prayerful, nurturing, resourceful and wants to be near.

She’s forgotten how to pamper herself, ask for what she wants and expect all else.

She’s forgotten on birthdays and mothers days and holidays so before we know it, she just fades away.

She’s the FORGOTTEN WOMANWho is she? She!… is me!

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