The Girls in the House

How three D.C. power women help each other stay sane.

By Annie Groer
Roommates Carolyn Maloney, Melissa Bean and Debbie Wasserman Schultz share a laugh.
Photograph: Photo by Liz Lynch/

Some 4.5 miles west of the kaffeeklatsch, on Georgetown’s Potomac riverfront, three longtime Chicago pals who are among the most influential members of the Obama inner circle have their own form of D.C. dorm life. Presidential counselor Valerie Jarrett, White House social secretary Desiree Rogers and the first lady’s chief of staff, Susan Sher, rent separate condos in the same swank building.

“It’s been tremendously helpful to have this support group when you come to a new city, particularly at my age, without my husband,” Sher told the Chicago Tribune.  

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