Helen Mirren: Not Quite a Dame

A year after her triumph as Elizabeth II, Dame Helen Mirren, 62, has a raft of new movie projects, a revealing autobiography, and sex appeal that won’t quit.

By Amy Wilentz
Helen Mirren in MORE’s April 2008 issue
Photograph: Photo by: Lorenzo Agius

And the other thing? Mirren wants to say good-bye to everyone who worked on the shoot. She sets off purposefully, moving from the courtyard through the library and down the kitchen corridor to thank the caterer, then over to the front yard, thanking photographer’s assistants, the stylist, the second makeup artist. On each face is a slight look of surprise as Mirren comes up to shake hands. And I feel, trailing her, as if I am walking in the wake of a queen.

Amy Wilentz’s profile of the late Benazir Bhutto appeared in the December/January issue of MORE.

Originally published in MORE magazine, April 2008.

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