A Hollywood Game Changer

by Rory Evans
Photograph: Illustration: Kagan McLeod

Is it harder to get a date as a single mom or as a successful woman?
When you tell a guy you have a baby and he takes off, you know right away what kind of guy he is. It’s the best bullshit meter in the world. And success does scare some guys away. I am, at this point, almost completely undatable. I say that in a joking way, but it’s a little true. Everyone I meet on a daily basis works for me in some capacity. Not a lot of guys are more successful than I am. Plus I have a child. I am too tired to put on high heels and go out to a club. Ever. So it’s not simple—but I’m optimistic.

Have you picked up any practical knowledge from your shows? If someone has a heart attack at a wedding, do they say, “Shonda! Do CPR!”?
I always say that some of the most dangerous people on the planet right now are the writers, the actors and me. We know just enough to really hurt somebody. A friend will say to me, “I have this symptom,” and I’ll be like, “Well, it’s definitely this then!” Even when they’re not calling me for a ­diagnosis—they might just complain about something on their leg—I’ll say, “It could be a sarcoma.” I tell people to go to the ER all the time, like, “You could be having a heart attack!” They call me later and tell me that wasn’t it.

The last question is a fill-in-the-blank: Shonda Rhimes = Mc_______.
Oh, gawwwwd. I got nothing. That’s too much. You cannot go around attaching McNames to yourself.

Rory Evans profiled Cynthia Nixon for the May 2008 issue of More.

Originally published in the November 2010 issue of More.

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