Jamie Lee Curtis: On Growing Older & Wiser

Four years ago, Jamie Lee Curtis made magazine history by revealing her true body — even a poochy midriff — in More. Could she get any more real? She could. She does.

By Amy Wallace

Curtis: I’m almost there. I virtually never have to put on other people’s clothes anymore. [She looks down at her feet. Instead of Manolo Blahniks, there are flip-flops. She laughs.] I’m wearing Reef flip-flops with orthotics in them. That’s how pathetic I am! But I feel much more authentic. I’m not saying I’m a spiritually perfect person. I’m flawed and contradictory and fraught in many areas. But I’m better. I’m growing, and that’s all I really want.

Wallace: On the jacket of your first book, you described yourself as "a mother, wife, daughter, actress, director, equal opportunity employer, inventor, friend, and now, an author." The author’s biography for the third book called you "a moody actor." The fourth book said, "Jamie Lee Curtis moonlights as an actor, photographer, and closet organizer." How is this book going to describe you?

Curtis: Maybe I have to write it right now. It will say: "Jamie Lee Curtis is a card-carrying member of the human race and proud of it. She is also proud to be the mother of Annie and Tom and the wife of Chris and friend to many." That’ll probably do it.

Originally published in MORE magazine, September 2006.

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