Jane Kaczmarek and Bradley Whitford to Divorce

In an interview before the filing, Kaczmarek talked with MORE about getting "sustenance and courage" from her girlfriends.

Bradley Whitford and Jane Kaczmarek
Photograph: Photo by: Glenn Harris/PR Photos

Sad news for one of our favorite showbiz couples: After 16 years of marriage, Jane Kaczmarek (Raising the Bar) and Bradley Whitford (The West Wing) have filed for divorce.
MORE interviewed Kaczmarek before the announcement was made; when asked to sum up her love life, she said: “That’s a big no comment.”
It was striking that Kaczmarek also mentioned several times the support she’s been receiving from her girlfriends, around whom she says she’s able to feel “safe and vulnerable.” Instead of “thinking I’m capable of doing everything,” she told MORE, she’s now inclined to call a friend and say, “Could you meet me tomorrow for coffee, I’m really in a bad place. It gives you such sustenance and courage to face whatever the day’s going to present to you.” She also said that while she once thought she could “go it alone and as long as I had some fabulous boy on my arm, or man, and my career was sailing, that’s all I needed,” she now realizes “how important, how healthy, and how necessary good supportive girlfriends are. To talk about kids, to talk about marriages, to talk about just life.”

Read more from Jane Kaczmarek in MORE’s September issue, on newsstands August 25.

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