Judy Collins Talks 50 Years of Music

Sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll? Judy was there

By Susan Toepfer
Photograph: Photo courtesy of Wildflower Records

 I did propose to him—but no, it was a mutual pursuit.  We’re coming up on our 32d anniversary of being together, 14 years married—unheard of, certainly in my life.

If I can ask a really superficial question—You have beautiful skin. Do you do anything special to get it?

My mother has wonderful skin. She’s 93. So I think it’s genetics. But I don’t’ smoke anymore—that helps.  I use Arden products. I’ve used them all my life. I also put on SPF30 in the sun. And I try to drink a lot of water, though I probably don’t drink as much as I should.

 Is there one song you sing that you feel most expresses you, that you feel most connected to?

“Both Sides Now” is the most immediately evident. I think that’s what most people connect to me.

You are still going strong, with a career that spans 50 years. What has kept you going so long?

 Passion and good training—and a taste for the road doesn’t hurt.

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