Laura Leighton Loves Playing Bad

The second time around on Melrose Place is more fun than ever.

Photograph: Photo by: Courtesy of the CW Network LLC

Melrose Place‘s Sydney may have been killed off (for the second time), but she hasn’t disappeared. Played by Laura Leighton, this conniving fan favorite is still starting trouble at the complex—via flashbacks. "She’s sort of a sick fantasy," Leighton says. The actress, who is married to Desperate Housewives star and fellow Melrose alum Doug Savant, fills in the blanks. 

Playing the bad girl. . .
. . . is more fun. You get to cross the line. It’s freeing. 

A recent blow to my pride. . .
. . . I was carded buying a 12-pack of beer, and my oldest daughter could not stop laughing. She thought it was so ludicrous and said, "Do you know how old she is?" I was like, "Would you shut up and let him card me?"

The wackiest job I’ve had is. . .
. . . the Wendy’s drive-through. My clothes and hair smelled very french fry-ie.

This time around, Melrose is. . .
. . . more risqué. Back in the 1990s, we had trouble getting them to air gay characters kissing.

The last time I cried. . .
. . . I cry a lot. But half the time, I laugh until I cry.

The best thing about being 41. . .
. . . It’s liberating. 

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