Laura Linney in Love

The star of The Big C on her second-chance romance.

By Meryl Gordon
Photograph: Photo by: Noe DeWitt

But the couple decided to proceed with a small ceremony in Linney’s Connecticut backyard. “We all needed something to be happy about,” the actress says. And when it came time for the bride to make her entrance, “I realized I needed someone, and I thought, Where’s Liam?” Linney says. Adds Sparks: “Laura went up to Liam and said, ‘Walk me down the aisle.’ And Liam wasn’t about to say no. I remember thinking it was heroic of him just to show up, but he wanted to be there for Laura.”

Lately Linney has taken to heart suggestions from friends that she pay more attention to her health. She is working out more and experimenting with a largely vegetarian diet. (She isn’t counting calories, though—at our lunch she orders and devours a vegan chocolate–peanut butter dessert.) “Jeanne called me up and said, ‘OK, that’s it, no more. We’ve got to get our acts together,’ ” says Linney. Adds Tripplehorn: “I’ve been on her for a year and a half. This is a nice little tipping point—we’ve got to start taking care of ourselves.” Alicia Silverstone, who costarred with Linney in Time Stands Still and is the vegan author of The Kind Diet, has also been an influence. “Alicia opened my eyes,” Linney says. “I’m still figuring it out, but I feel much better having a more vegetarian or vegan diet. I do still eat meat occasionally, but instead of a diet that’s 90 percent meat based and 10 percent plant based, it’s now the reverse.”

She and Schauer have a home in Telluride, but he has quit his job and is contemplating a new career. “He’s reassessing his life just as I’m reassessing mine, trying to figure out what to do next,” she says. “He’s probably going to go back to school in social work.” At first, she says, she was “flipped out” that he wouldn’t understand her life as an actress. “The obsession, the time, the travel—I wasn’t sure anyone could handle that, and why should they? ‘See ya, I’m going away for four months.’ ” But none of it has fazed Schauer, and “I am so deeply thankful for him,” Linney says.

Ask her friends what surprises them about her personality, and they gleefully oblige. Neeson says she forwards him hilarious, vulgar comic routines from YouTube: “She just sent me another one. I know it will be absolutely disgusting and gut-laughingly funny.” Tripplehorn was startled when Linney, accompanying her and her son, now eight, on a trip to Disneyland, insisted on riding the scariest roller coaster. “She’s quite the daredevil,” Tripplehorn says. “It made me sick just to think about it. She rode it over and over again.”

Yet Linney, fingering her modern, custom-made wedding band, is enjoying quieter thrills these days. “I really like being married,” says the actress, who as our interview concludes is going off to rendezvous with her husband. “Marriage is a great adventure.”

Meryl Gordon has profiled Kyra Sedgwick, Mary-Louise Parker and Sigourney Weaver, among others, for More.

Originally published in the September 2010 issue of More.

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