The Lesson of Rudy

The truth is you can’t follow the crowd and become something special.

by Shari Allison • Member { View Profile }

"Rudy" is one of my favorite motivational movies. I love the feel of the music and cheering Sean Astin on to victory. I had the honor of hearing Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger speak at a meeting I once attended. During a break I went up and shook his hand. I am just shy of 5’8”, and as I looked down at Rudy complete with his little hands I realized his triumph.

I liken it to the laugh when Jimmy Durante said he wanted to sing or Danny DeVito when he told his family he was going to be a big movie star. It is the utterly impossible that happens. Those people who have the strength inside to keep going on a path that does not exist to a place that has never been seen, but they are sure is there.

Rudy said when they were looking for actors to play him they wanted Chris O’Donnell to play the part. Rudy, bold as you please, told the movie exec’s, “That kid is too good looking to play me.” He remembered seeing a kid in an airplane movie called the Memphis Belle, who was short and stocky, not Hollywood good-looking and thought he would be a better match so they should use him.

How often do I say, “Oh don’t worry about it, that will be fine,” instead of “Nope, sorry that is not going to do it,” and ask for change?

It is easy to be hard on yourself, but it is hard to be tough with yourself. To stay on an invisible path when all those around you say, “Are you mad? Get off that path.”

Most people don’t like being part of a crowd. A no-name who is pushed here and there by the forces in control. They want to be something special. Treated different. The truth is you can’t follow the crowd and become something special. Even if you’re final dream is never realized, stick to your path. In the end you won’t envy the crowd.

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