Lori Loughlin on Her Style Hits and Misses

From shoulder pads to abs, the actress dishes about her evolving look.
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On "The Edge of Night," circa 1980

I’m amazed to see how dark my hair actually was. It was my first acting job, I was really just learning about hair & makeup. The Edge of Night had hair & makeup people who had been working on the show from the early TV days, when it was done in black and white. So the makeup people never really moved ahead with the times, and most of the ladies on the show did their own. I kind of followed their lead. There was a lot of trial and error and experimenting and emulating the older actresses on the show.
Photo by: Everett Collection


I was probably at a party. This is not a look I would be sporting today. I think that’s the only leopard-print anything I’ve ever owned. And I was ahead of MC Hammer with the pants.
Photo by: Walter McBride/Retna


I don’t know why I ever thought shoulder pads were a good choice for me because I have broad shoulders anyway. I would go to thrift stores and find a man’s jacket or older stuff like that and think it was cool. The one thing I didn’t pay attention to when I was younger and clearly should have was sizing. I would always dress myself like I was a much bigger person than I actually was.
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With John Stamos in "Full House," 1993

When you sent me this photo I forwarded it to John with the caption, "Could we be any younger?" I think all of us—the guys too—suffered from very large hair. Especially me and John. I don’t even know how my hair got that big. I have to say I had the best time on that show, it was such a great experience, so when I see photographs from those days I just think of all the laughter and joy I had on that set.
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2001, at a Juicy Couture event

I really like this picture. It sort of shows who I am. I was not expecting to be photographed that day, I didn’t have any makeup on, I pulled my hair up on top of my head. That was truly me. I like how it’s casual and not fussy.
Photo by: Getty Images

2004, at a WB press party

That was a very exciting time; I had created the series Summerland and it had been picked up by the WB. I had a real sense of accomplishment. The show was set at the beach so I was a little bit blonder.
Photo by: Glenn Harris/PR Photos

In "Summerland," 2005

This was a publicity shot for the show. I remember the people at the WB said, "We’re going to airbrush your abs out," because they thought they didn’t look real, and I said, "No, no, no, I worked really hard to get those abs!" That was at a time when I was looking to be in good shape because of the show. My abs no longer look like that. At least I have a photo that shows that at some period in my life they did.
Photo by: WB Network/Photofest

2005, at an event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel

My friend Marcia Cross was being honored that night. I called the people at J. Mendel a couple days before and they said they thought they had the perfect thing for me and would send it out. I didn’t even shop or call a stylist. I felt really good in that dress. It fit really well and I thought it was spectacular. I had to send it back; I was heartbroken.
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2007, at Couture Cares: A Benefit for Breast Cancer

I rarely wear yellow, but I did that day and I remember seeing the pictures later on and thinking that the yellow was so bright and cheery, and that I should put more of it in my wardrobe. Today I do have a few more pieces of yellow, and I still have that blouse; I will one day pull it out again. I also remember that day I was very excited because [interior designer] Nate Berkus was there. He’s my gay crush, and I got to meet him.
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2008, at an event to benefit EIF’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund

This was a Hervé Léger dress. I was away on vacation and I went into a little store and that dress was there; I thought it could be perfect for this event and I bought it. When I got home I realized I was a little too pale, so I went and got a spray tan, which kind of made it all come together.
Photo by: Sara De Boer/Retna Ltd.

2009, at the Costume Designers Guild Awards

I worked with a stylist in this case, and I don’t know that if I had been left to my own devices I would have chosen that dress. I remember it didn’t fit very well on the side, I felt like I was popping out a little bit, but it was pretty. It’s not my favorite look I’ve ever had but I thought it was lovely for the evening. It’s always nice to go and honor the people behind the scenes who work so hard, and the costumers really do.
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In "90210," 2009

In 90210, they’re trying to embody the current-day mom. My character is not supposed to be too Beverly Hills. She’s just supposed to dress attractively, practically, timelessly. There’s more of an ease about the way she dresses. What I like for this character is a lot of the James Perse pieces, the colorful button-down shirts, the T-shirts. Nothing too crazy. FOR A SLIDESHOW OF CELEBS WHO WEAR JEANS WELL, CLICK HERE.
Photo by: Patrick Ecclesine/The CW

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