Maria Shriver: Reinventing the First Lady

With her husband busy in the governor’s office and her job at NBC News no longer an option, Maria Shriver had only one choice: to reinvent the role of California’s first lady (and have some fun along the way).

By Karen Breslau
That really sucks." Shriver has honed her determination to be normal over a lifetime — throughout the Kennedy-shadowed childhood, the decades in Hollywood with Schwarzenegger, and her years as a television personality in her own right. When MORE‘s stylist offers her a choice of evening gowns for this issue’s photo shoot, she balks before finally donning one and heading outside to pose on a grass-covered cliff. "How I live is much more understated, much more low-key, than I think people imagine," she says. In the hallway outside her office, Shriver has mounted a gallery of photos of her predecessors, all looking very prim under large gold letters that read "They Served, Too." Someday, when Arnold Schwarzenegger leaves office, she will be on that wall, as well — no doubt, an action shot. Until that day comes, she’s got a lot of kicking up to do. Originally published in MORE magazine, June 2005.

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