Natasha Henstridge On When to Break the Rules

The actress on sexy style choices and whether she’d do nudity again.

by the MORE Editors
Photograph: Photo by: Kayt Jones

When your Hollywood calling card is how gorgeously naked you were in your first movie, it can make you feel a little . . . nostalgic. “People bring it up, and I always make the crack, ‘Yeah, I wish I had that body still,’ ” says Natasha Henstridge, who found fast fame for her turn in the sci-fi thriller Species, as the sexy alien-human hybrid who feels a biological (and deadly) imperative to mate. “But you can’t stay 19 forever. I’m completely happy developing into the woman that I’ve become.”

Henstridge, who recently starred in Hallmark Channel’s You Lucky Dog as a fashion designer turned Border collie trainer, knows what looks good on her but sometimes likes to break the rules. “I have really wide shoulders, and I don’t need any extra help up there,” says the native of Newfoundland, Canada, and mother of two. “However, I just bought a blazer with some shoulder pads, and it looks fabulous. Why not?” Another new purchase is a cobalt blue Hervé Léger dress. “It just fits the body and makes you feel sexy,” she says. “Girls with big boobs and booties have got to hug the curves.”

To feel her best and just “kind of glow,” she tries to eat healthfully, avoiding sugar. After all—­family-friendly movies notwithstanding—her days of taking it all off may not be over. “I would do nu­dity again for the right project,” Henstridge says. “God, if somebody offered me something like The Reader, I wouldn’t think twice about it. I would look a little different than I did, but I’d be in the gym for months and hope the lighting was good!”

Originally published in the September 2010 issue of More.

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