Quoted: Celebs Who Thank Their Lucky Stars

The rich and famous count their blessings.
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Sheryl Crow

"To find a lyric that comes together to teach me about myself is a real blessing."
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Annie Leibovitz

"It was more than shooting another guy when you’re shooting John Lennon. Even I knew that much, and I was just a dumb kid, twenty years old. It was like photographing a god. I’m grateful for the people who had faith I could handle the job."
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Jeff Bridges

"My wife is the big blessing in my life. We’ve been married more than thirty years. Marriage is a funny judo-deal-the so-called obstacles and pitfalls, the tough stuff, those are the real blessings."
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Marcia Gay Harden

"It’s an incredible honor to win an Oscar [for 2001’s Pollack), so much joy, and a moment I’ll never forget. But the next morning? Scripts were not piled up outside my door . . . If you talked to people in the couple of years right after I won the Oscar, they probably would have said I was the clichéd Oscar disaster. But I’m grateful for the trophy."
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Morgan Freeman

"You need only look at today’s news to see how wild, unbridled success coming when you’re young and foolish-two things that often come together-can be a great detriment to a talented person. In my case, I appreciate being older when I became successful."
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B.B. King

"Creation of the ladies is still the greatest creation ever. I still think that today. Nothing better."
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Seth MacFarlane ("Family Guy" creator)

"Fox gave me $100 million and I gave them my twenties. I think we’re about even. I really do look at it that way. I’m grateful we all agreed."
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Maya Rudolph

"As fat as they make you, I am really grateful for avocados. I grew up in California where you could always get a great avocado. When I first went to New York, I was so surprised; avocados are not so easy to get there, and I thought, ‘What kind of place is this anyway?’"
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Nikki Giovanni (poet)

"I’m totally in love with my sixties. I don’t know what people are bitching and moaning about. I know I’ll wake up one day and have Alzheimer’s or something, but right now I’m writing with a deeper intensity than ever."
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Neal Gaiman (author)

"I love the color black . . . I love how incredibly simple it makes dressing. That’s really all there is to it."
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Samuel L. Jackson

"Most sports pissed me off growing up because you need more guys, and I was an only child. I’m grateful I found golf."
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