Roe v. Wade: Still Controversial After All These Years

The Supreme Court decision known as Roe v. Wade just turned 40 years old, but the issue of whether a woman should have the right to choose abortion is far from settled. Even as the abortion rate has started to decline, the country seems polarized; in a September 2012 Gallup poll, 47 percent of Americans identified themselves as pro-choice and 46 percent as pro-life, a statistical dead heat. The real surprise: Though each side is passionate about its position, research suggests that abortion is a subject on which some principled people come to  change their minds, often because of certain events in their lives. Here, the stories of 10 women who unexpectedly experienced that kind of shift. Regardless of the opinion each of us holds, these thoughts from “the other side” will be enlightening—and may even begin a conversation

by Melinda Dodd

PRO-CHOICE  I’ve always had unorthodox views on abortion. In 10th grade, when I heard about Roe v. Wade in AP United States History, it really inspired the feminist, pro-choice advocate in me. Students at my school are about 60/40 pro-life/pro-choice. Some of my peers are semi-pro-choice or say they’re pro-choice but “only if it wasn’t the woman’s fault” or “only if it was rape.” It’s frustrating to me that they claim to support women but have anti-choice views. Even though I’ve never had an abortion, I feel like that’s something that could happen to me. Once a friend tells me she’s anti-choice, I kind of look at her differently. It’s like she’s anti-me. —Graciela Guillén, 18, high school senior, Denver Center for International Studies, Denver

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It surprises me that we are still talking about Roe X Wade.
But even more surprising to me is the fact that pro-life supporters fail to see life after pregnancy.
If a woman does not want a pregnancy, she probably won't want the baby and most likely won't want to raise the child.
It's an unfortunate fact that must be looked with deeper concern.
What is being done for this unwanted children, who are coming into our world everyday?
I would love to see pro-life supporters come up with a plan that addresses this mostly urgent need because if they defend the right to life in the uterus they should defend the right to a fair and loving upbring. It's unfair to allow children to be brought up by neglecting mothers/parents.

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