Sharon Stone: Why I'm Shameless

The star bares all about her famous body and her heart-breaking divorce.

By Amy Wallace
Photograph: Photo by: Brigitte Lacombe

For now, solitude is fine for Stone. “That’s the kind of person I am. I was born in the Week of the Loner on the zodiac, and I guess that’s why years and years ago I started going to black-tie events solo. It was shocking—it was a not-done, what-is-she-doing thing. People thought, ‘Oh, she wants my guy.’ You’re either lesbian, ill or after their man,” she says. “I couldn’t want their guy less. I just wanted some peace of mind.”

What she wanted, in other words, was to be herself, without feeling any shame. “We all go through it,” she tells me. “We wrestle all day long with ‘How am I unlovable? Am I too tall, too short, too thin, too blond, too brown? Why is my life not perfect?’ Instead of ‘Why am I grateful? What can I do to be of service? And if I am in the desert, how am I a desert flower?’ ”

We’re all getting older, she adds, content with the thought. “I’m not a different person than I was in my twenties,” she says. “What I have is more life ?experience—there’s a deeper pool.”

Amy Wallace has profiled Dana Delany, Holly Hunter and Meg Whitman for More.

Originally published in the June 2010 issue of More.

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