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Fab abs and spectacular pecs-if they’ve got ‘em, they flaunt ‘em.
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Daniel Craig

Craig had something to prove when he became the sixth actor to portray James Bond, in Casino Royale, and he proved it handsomely. "I won’t play Bond forever," he has said. "But I’d like to think I’ve added something to the lineage of how the man has changed." Mission accomplished.
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Eric Dane

Hey, they don’t call this Grey’s Anatomy star McSteamy for nothing. It’s about "going to the gym and adopting it as a lifestyle," the actor has said of his impressive build.
Photo by Clint Brewer/Splash News/Newscom

LL Cool J

A hallmark of hot bod status? Your own workout book. There’s a reason the full version of this rapper/actor/mogul’s moniker is Ladies Love Cool James.

Matthew McConaughey

Doesn’t it seem like McConaughey spends more public time with his shirt off than on? The outdoor enthusiast has a zen take on fitness and once explained it as, "Sometimes you can get the body in shape, and the head ain’t in great shape. It’s real nice if you can coordinate ‘em."
Photo by Gaz Shirley/Jennifer Buhl/Newscom

Joel McHale

McHale bared his bod to comic effect in a billiards sequence in Community. The actor later revealed that he had to shave down before shooting. "I had lots of unwanted hair I never knew I had," he said. "I went on the ‘you’re going to be naked in two weeks’ diet."

Gavin Rossdale

Rocker Rossdale has some serious gym motivation:His wife, Gwen Stefani, is a permanent fixture on best-body lists.
Photo by Clint Brewer/Splash News/Newscom

World Cup Soccer Stars

Photographer Annie Leibovitz captured some of the athletes in summer’s World Cup competition as only she can, for the June 2010 issue of Vanity Fair.

Jake Gyllenhaal

The actor’s set to show his impressive pecs in summer’s Prince of Persia. Of his movie-prep workout, he has said, "Shampooing and conditioning. Not the 2-in-1. Shampoo and Conditioner; vigorously rubbing, rinse and repeat, biceps, triceps, physique!" Translation? Cardio and power circuit training.
Photo by Newscom

Josh Duhamel

Fergie’s future hubby was easy on the eyes in Win a Date With Tad Hamilton.

Will Smith

As the last remaining human (possibly) on Earth in I Am Legend, Smith kept fit to fight off a horde of ravenous zombies. Viewers feasted their eyes. "If you run thirty miles a week and do five miles six days a week, your body will look like whatever you want it to look like," Smith has said.

Michael Phelps

He won gold medals galore for his swimming prowess, but Phelps is almost equally notable for his long and lean physique. According to one body breakdown, he’s 6’4" but has the torso of a 6’8" man, the legs of a 5’10" man, and double-jointed ankles.
Photo by Insidefoto/PR Photos

Simon Baker

This Australian star of The Mentalist grew up surfing and playing water polo. He recently optioned the novel Breath, with an eye toward playing a wacky surfing instructor who helps two Aussie teenagers hang 20.
Photo by Snapper Media/Splash News /Newscom

50 Cent

The rapper, whose first studio album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, was a huge hit, is reportedly getting some of his tattoos removed in order to help his acting career. All the better to see his rock-solid muscles.

Mark Wahlberg

When he opened the door in Date Night, Wahlberg showed exactly why his character was so memorable to the realtor played by Tina Fey.

Hugh Jackman

Thunder from Down Under takes on a new meaning when looking at this multiplex superhero. "This is a little embarrassing but I’m a little more of a wuss than my character," Jackman has said of working out to play Wolverine. "There’s a moment in your training when you just want to give up. But I used to imagine that I was really Wolverine and somehow my trainer got two or three more reps out of me."
Photo by Carlos Costas/Newscom

Josh Holloway

Josh, we’ll be Lost without you every week! At least we have your Davidoff Cool Water fragrance ads to fall back on.

Pierce Brosnan

He may have been replaced as James Bond (by Daniel Craig), but this snap shows that Brosnan’s still got what it takes.
Photo by Starsurf/Splash News/Newscom

Ryan Phillippe

Fitness isn’t a new thing for this Hollywood hunk, who has played chiseled soldiers in the films Flags of Our Fathers and Stop-Loss. He once said, "I almost gave up acting to pursue snowboarding." CHECK OUT THE GORGEOUS GUYS TURNING 40 IN 2010 HERE.

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