The Thrill of Turning 40

by Paula Williams • Member { View Profile }

Well this is the month I turned the big 4-0!  Looking back over my life and realizing that life is a what you make of it.  I must say turning 40 was not so bad, I am embracing the new bracket with excitement and enthusiasm.  The day before my birthday it was like waiting for Christmas, I did not know what to expect.  I thought maybe I will look different or maybe I will grow another limb, so when the clock hit midnight nothing happen I was shocked and relieved. I figured it was the anticipation of being able to start over with a new outlook on life and realizing that this beautiful transformation happened to me.  Thank God I have another opportunity to make goals and pursue them.  Living with Lupus has been good for me this far in my life I feel fit, strong, and more importantly healthy. Now, I intend on making the next chapter of my life even better.  I am a true believer that "age is just a number".

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