A Toy Story With A Twist

One smashed Nintendo, one sobbing sister, and one understanding brother equals one great story.

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This is us now. Several years after the incident.
Photograph: Laurabrazak.com

Well, we had a bad night here at the Stonecypher house. Taylor put Steven’s Nintendo DS on the hood of my assistant’s van (unbeknownst to all), and it made it to just past the end of the driveway where several vehicles driving in excess of the posted speed limit made mincemeat out of the overpriced pile of circuitry. (For mommies not up to date with the latest electronic doo-jiggies, Nintendo DS is an outrageously expensive hand-held gaming unit purchased by a gullible visiting grandparent for approximately $200)


Needless to say there were many, many tears shed. And most of them by Taylor! Steven Jr took the news amazingly well. I am proud to say that my little boy shocked us all. As he hugged his (sobbing) sister he told her that she and his family were more important than any game, and to please not cry anymore. He said he doesn’t act like he loves her, but he does and that she is better than a Nintendo DS because he doesn’t have to put her on a charger, and she knows a lot of games without having to buy cartridges.


So there was a happy ending to the story (at least in the hearts of all parties involved). As far as the pockets of all parties, Taylor wanted to replace her brother’s toy ASAP. So she has been relieved of $25 (not including this Friday’s babysitting money, which will only scent her palm with the sweet smell of currency for about as long as it takes to process an electronic debit transaction). The last bastions of Stevie’s birthday money ($20) and his Toys R Us gift card ($20) are like Paris Hilton’s last fiance. (He is graciously accepting some of the blame for the debacle and has offered to help pay.) And mommy: She is out $97.61 and will be taking that money out of the hides of the aforementioned children until the cows come home or the Sultan of Brunei proposes marriage or our dumb puppy gets house broken, which ever comes last! Wayword bovines, billionaires and beagles not withstanding, these two will be bartering chores until someone goes to prom.


So tears were shed, and lessons were learned. It cost me 97.61 to hear my son confess his love for his big sister (hmmm there is a MasterCard commercial in there somewhere).

Dustpan and broom to clear gaming toy shrapnel from the road: $7.69

Box of unscented Puffs tissues: $1.28

Nintendo DS bundled with Nintendogs cartridge : $149.99

Hearing my 10-year-old son loving compare his big sister to an electronic toy: Priceless

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