TV's Sexiest Men for Smart Women

He's sexy, but is he smart? TV's top ten intriguing men.

By Susan Toepfer

The last few years have seen an explosion of smart, savvy female characters on TV. How are the men shaping up? Here are our top 10 choices for sexy guys we’d also like to talk to.

Dr. Gregory House, “House.” Spewing such misogynistic wisdom as “Humanity is highly overrated,” the brilliant diagnostician keeps us in stitches—and despite his cranky bedside manner, who else would you want around in a medical crisis?

Don Draper, “Mad Men.” Ok, so he drinks a little. And maybe he’s not so faithful. But nobody’s looked this good in a suit since Cary Grant. Besides, Don did show up at Peggy’s post-delivery bedside. And deep down, he does want to be a good dad.

Peter Burke, “White Collar.” Con man turned FBI collaborator Neal Caffrey may be younger and hotter, but Special Agent Burke’s the one you can count on. Honest, intuitive and devoted to his event planner wife, he brings his work home—in a good way, because he values her insights.

Eric Northman, “True Blood.” Any guy who’s been around 1,000 years has to have some good moves. The vampire sheriff of Louisiana’s Area 5 and owner of the blood-soaked bar Fangtasia may be devious and devilishly determined, but he boasts Viking good looks—and he can fly.


Leroy Jethro Gibbs, “NCIS.” With multiple wives and tragedy behind him, the grumpy, boat-building military investigator earns the adoration of his department—and clearly goes for women of a certain intellect. Including one of those ex-wives.

Detective Eliot Stabler, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” We love the way he can’t keep emotion out of his job. The rapists and child molesters he deals with really, really piss him off.  He might struggle with his home life, but in the end, he comes through—for his family, and for his female partner.

Mr. Schuester, “Glee.” Kind, compassionate—and he can sing! Sure, “Toxic” was inappropriate (yes, Sue, you were right—Britney “brought mayhem”). But Schuester did his best to dissuade both his smitten student and her guidance counselor with a smokin’ rendition of “Young Girl (Don’t Stand So Close to Me).”

Richard Castle, “Castle.” He grew up watching soaps, turned to mystery writing, and now solves real-life crimes. So what if he’s a crappy cook? This dedicated single dad inhabits a stunning NYC apartment and, as he points out, “I really am ruggedly handsome, aren’t’ I?”

Jim Halpert, “The Office.” He pined for Pam for years, even transferring to Stamford to avoid the pain. TV’s ultimate romantic (“I bought the ring the week after we started dating”) can transform a dingy paper company cubicle into as frothy a setting as a fairy tale cottage.

Patrick Jane, “The Mentalist.”  “You’re psychic?” he’s asked. “No, just paying attention.” A fake mind-reader turned criminal consultant, Jane is determined to catch his family’s killer. He often annoys his co-workers, but the consolation is: They get to look at him.

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