Wanda Sykes Speaks Her Mind

On coming out, hosting her new talk show and staying grouchy.

Photograph: Photo by: Scott Weiner/Retna

"I have a lot of love in my life now. But I’m still an ornery, grouchy complainer."

She’s not the first to blend comedy and commentary, but don’t expect Wanda Sykes—who honed her stand-up skills as an opening act for Chris Rock—to run her new Saturday night week-in-review show (premiering November 7 on Fox) like “the white guys in suits,” she says. “Hopefully, people will wonder, what’s Wanda going to say about this?” Sykes, who also costars on The New Adventures of Old Christine, told us:

My biggest risk . . .

. . . coming out. [Sykes did so after Proposition 8 passed in California; she and her wife got married one month earlier and now have six-month-old twins.] Being gay is more of a stigma in the black community. In church, they teach us that it’s a sin. But everybody overlooks the choir director, who is just flaming.

If I could be a fly on someone’s wall, I’d choose . . .
. . . Anderson Cooper’s. He’s cute. It’d be fun watching him pick out his little suit, seeing what he laughs at.

I used to hate, but now I love . . .

. . . Usually when I hate something, I stick with it. It’s hard to flip me.

The best thing about being 45 . . .

. . . I don’t know how you can word it, but just not giving a f***.

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