Weaver & Cameron Talk "Avatar"

"I remember reading the script and going, ‘How is Jim ever going to do this?’ " Weaver says.

Interview by Margy Rochlin
Weaver and Sam Worthington in "Avatar." "He really sort of explodes her world," she says.
Photograph: Photo by: Mark Fellman

Cameron: I think [Sigourney and I] have both kind of mellowed out [since making Aliens]. At that point we both were young, we had a lot to prove. We had a great working relationship on that movie but it was definitely adversarial in the sense that she would challenge me with ideas, and I would incorporate them—or I’d have to give her a damn good reason why not. On this one, we were both more confident and it felt like a much easier give and take, an easier partnership. She’s very demanding on herself. As a director, you have to keep pace with that —she’s not going to settle for second best.

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