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I am the CEO of Friendships.  Inasmuch as girls love to have continous friendships, someone needs to keep it together ,i.e. the "glue". I have been blessed with the position and will continue as long as God allows me to keep 40+ years of friendship growing with my five galpals. Other than wife and mother, this position is right up there.  If not for the "glue" as one of "my gals" has labeled me, who knows, would it have continued?  Six galpals since 9th grade, we turn the next decade, the Sensational Sixies in 2011 celebrating "60" in NO (New Orleans).  Who needs to be on Oprah, or Ellen but a photo spread of our story and a make-over for all in MORE would be the icing on the cake and make it much easier to accept 60! 

Let me know if you would like to read my past newsletters, which include photos and plans of our next events.  Traveling every five years has now changed to yearly, now that our children are grown and as time marches on. Turning  "40" was spent visiting me in Florida, as I had just given birth to my first child, Michael, the unexpected pleasure of my life. "45"  was Way Down Yonder in New Orleans, trying to relive past Mardi Gras but finding it a little harder, turning 50 in Vegas was rescheduled due to September 11, with respect to fellow Americans and our fear of flying. "55" was Vegas baby, and oh what a trip as we laughed so hard viewing our "Showgirl" photo we cried. 

Lately, the economy hit 5 out of 6, so I decided to take a trip to visit the gals in NY as I was brokenhearted at losing the position I loved for 14 years to get some "pity". I was joined by our "6th Wheel" who resides in NO (who lost all in Katrina, but an email "shower" helped her back on track somewhat). I then gave the girls a book of photos and captions titled "Goddesses, 40 Years of Friendship" that I did on the computer.  It was a best seller in their eyes.

I could go on and on.  Like others, we have loved, lost, had children and grandchildren, loved and lost our parents and others, but thankfully, continue to have each other. They are my sisters, they are my blood.  

I have had a ball sharing. This was my first issue of my subscription….I think I want MORE!

My best,

Lynn Maggio

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