Yearning To Help Women Who Survive War

A book-club reading and its women-helping-women message prompts a woman to seek out ways to create similar acts of kindness and community.

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This organization provides support for women survivors of war so that they not only have the food and medical attention that they need, but they learn how to grow their own food, start their own micro-business, and know the joy of self sufficiency and independence. We’ve seen all the news videos of the horrors of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Rwanda and Kosovo. But where are the stories of the women who have graduated from programs like WFW Commercial Integrated Farming Initiative in Rwanda, where women have learned to grow organic crops both to sell and to feed their children? In this program they learn to work together as a group, build on their existing technical skills as well as learn new ones. Graduates of this program have improved their financial situations by 94 percent! They learn about health care for themselves and their families and their health has improved by 92 percent. They are growing sustainable crops and passing this information down to their children. They learn to read and write. These women learn the skills they need to own a business and make it successful so that they can earn a living and send their children to school – something that many of them were not allowed to do as children. They are not only planning for their own futures, but also the legacy they will leave for their families and their country. Wow!

These graduates sing a song that goes “We shall rebuild our nation and we make it a paradise so we shall stand together and rebuild our nation. The young ones shall do it, the women shall do it. We shall rebuild our nation and make it a paradise.” Here is the fellowship I have dreamed of, and here is where I make my commitment to join. As a result of my meeting with Lauren, I have partnered with Women For Women International and 10 percent of the sales from all of my menopause/peri-menopause products and programs will go directly to WFW, to support programs like the one in Rwanda and many others around the world. I am proud and excited to be a part of this global community of women helping women.

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