Your Cup Size vs Your Intelligence

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You have to give the scientific community credit. They keep coming up with interesting topics to examine, no pun intended. One of the best was the study that asked the question,

“Do big-breasted women have lower IQs than their less endowed sisters?”



The scientific community, after doing extensive research, came to the conclusion that this was definitely not true. Breast size has as little to do with intelligence in women as the size of a penis has to do with a man’s intelligence.


Thank all that’s holy for that bit of info!


And yet the public perception of a big busted female has been, and still remains, that she is dumber than her smaller bosomed counterparts. One doctor called it the “Monroe syndrome.” I don’t know why. Marilyn Monroe may have made poor choices in men and friends but she certainly wasn’t stupid; very far from it. Playing a ditzy female in movies doesn’t mean you are one in real life. People who knew Ms. Monroe were impressed by her acute intelligence and knowledge of world affairs.


Still big breasts are a liability even today and woman with this, uh, “problem,” seem to have to work a bit harder to prove they are smart and capable. Some women even “dress the chest down” as it does garner unwarranted attention when they are speaking.


Perhaps the idea of the full breasts and intelligence goes back to days when society saw a full breasted woman as a symbol of a sexuality that was considered sinful. It also hinted that a woman who had a sexual appetite was not terribly bright. If you had sex on the brain, you see, you couldn’t be intelligent.


The “fullness of the female breasts, “ was, according to one theologian, “a wanton lure to righteous and upstanding men.” (I’ll bet the men were upstanding in their appreciation of the female fullness)!


Today of course we know that the cup-runneth-over woman is sexy and intelligent or at least we should know it. After all, science has proven it for a fact.


Big breasts, big brain? Hmmmmm!


Wonder what part of the anatomy science will go after next!


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