Do You Feel Ugly Without Makeup?

Survey finds nearly half of U.S. women connect a bare face to unattractiveness

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Running out to the grocery store? One sec. Just gotta brush on a little mascara. And pop on a little blush. Oh, and a swipe of lip gloss. Maybe just a dusting of powder. And a touch of eyeliner. OK, ready now!

Sound like you? A new Harris survey finds that almost 50 percent of American women equate a makeup-free face with unattractiveness, UPI reports.

The findings—from the Renfrew Center Foundation, a nonprofit group that treats eating disorders—also show that without makeup, 14 percent of respondents report feeling self-conscious, 14 percent feel naked and 16 percent feel ugly, the news service says. 

What do you think? Does makeup give you confidence, or are you fine leaving the house barefaced? Leave a comment below while we check our lipstick!

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First Published February 28, 2012

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