Could You Go an Entire Year Without Looking in a Mirror?

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

We’ve heard about women going without makeup or driving or—God forbid—chocolate for an entire year. But not looking in a mirror for 365 days? Someone notify the Evil Queen!

ABC’s 20/20 reports sociology student Kjerstin Gruys was up to the task, avoiding all mirrors—save the ones that help her drive her car safely—in a self-discovery experiment involving body image and self-esteem.

Her blog, Mirror, Mirror . . . Off the Wall, chronicles her experience, according to the show, which aired a piece on Gruys, 29, last night.

“This idea of living your life experiencing the world for itself instead of constantly reflecting, you know, pun intended, on how you looked . . . It was a life where you could get away from yourself,” Gruys, a former anorexic, tells 20/20. The purpose of the project “was to get rid of mirrors with the intention of focusing on everything else in my life.”

Get this: She didn’t even look in a mirror on her wedding day.

“There is nothing wrong with enjoying, um, looking at yourself in the mirror ... but it’s important for every woman, and man, I think, to really think for a few minutes about whether there is a point of diminishing returns,” she tells the news show. “Because we have so much more to offer the world than just our looks.”
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