Norma Kamali on Her New Campaign to Empower Women

The 67-year-old fashion designer wants to be the catalyst for social change

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter
norma kamali
Norma Kamali wants to stop the objectification of women.
Photograph: Courtesy of Norma Kamali

… What a wonderful opportunity it will be for young girls coming into the world to not have the same experiences we’ve had, to not have to deal with what Hillary Clinton has had to deal with. I don’t think men intend to hurt us, especially not if they have women they love, so it’s important for us to not be so polite and so embarrassed to let them know our stories. Big changes can happen. I’m very optimistic. … A world of emotionally healthier, empowered women will be a great addition to the well-being of the world.

Click here to visit Stop Objectification.

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