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Is Obama Real?

Is Obama Real?

I don’t know if I’m paranoid or not, but, am I the only one who sees some disturbing things about Barak Obama?

Like his parents, family, schooling, and people he has associated with and been friends with, his record in Illinois and the US Senate, his chosen church affiliation of over twenty years, his website link to the  Black Panthers, his wife and her opinions, and his personal business deals!

He has lied—or “misspoke” about how his parents met, how he grew up, his position, his church, and affiliations.  He even stated that he had been in fifty-seven of the fifty-eight states, for crying out loud.

And now there’s the constant, “they(or he/she) owes me an apology!”

Even the hint of finding fault with him, his family, friends, church, etc. and it’s “racist” or “off-limits!”