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by Lesley Jane Seymour • Editor-in-Chief

I know you have an opinion about every page in the magazine. Now's your chance to vent--by taking our online survey. It's simple. After you've read the October 2013 issue, click here to tell me what you think--and to enter to win $10,000. Please note: Complaints are as welcome as compliments. Really! Because knowing more about your reactions--whether positive or negative--is what helps me make the magazine better.

--Lesley Jane Seymour, MORE Editor-in-Chief

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Ellie Koelling12.09.2013

I have been reading More for several years and find it getting better and better. I would like to suggest a new magazine MOST. Being over 70 I feel More is good but Most could be better. AARP really misses the mark. We maybe more mature but certainly not finished being or growing. Thank you.

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