Office Fashion No-Nos: Hoodies, Flip-Flops, Torn Jeans

Survey finds most employees disapprove of too-casual wear at work

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Wanna know how not to get ahead at work? Dress like a teenager headed for the beach.

The Los Angeles Times reports a new survey from Adecco USA, a staffing/recruiting company, finds seven out of 10 employees aren’t cool with coworkers who don ripped-up jeans, flip-flops or strapless tops at the office.

Oh, and that hoodie you keep sporting? Leave it at home: More than 50 percent of those surveyed don’t like seeing fellow employees in the gym-style attire. Nor do they approve of miniskirts or shorts, according to the newspaper.

Also getting the on-the-job thumbs-down: leggings, tennis shoes, black shoes worn with white socks, open-toed shoes, sleeveless shirts or dresses, and jeans paired with blazers, the Times adds.

Guess there’s a reason we’re always told to dress for success. Unless, of course, you’re Mark Zuckerberg. In that case, carry on.

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