Funny Sites to Visit on your Lunch Break

According to a recent study, surfing the web during your work day can actually improve your job performance. Here are 15 gut-bustingly funny sites to liven your lunch break—and increase your productivity.

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Overheard in the Office

A division of the popular “Overheard in New York,” this site posts the ridiculous antics and hilarious quotes heard by anonymous sources in their workplaces. One example:

Co-Worker, reading email: Can you believe this shit?! The nerve! "For those over 50, special healthcare benefits." Over 50! How can they send me this shit and...Oh, there's a free lunch. [Pause] Well, maybe I'll go.

Passive-Aggressive Notes

We’ve all encountered them: anonymous messages from coworkers or co-habitants, requesting something while attempting to veil hostility and appear polite. This blog features such notes, submitted anonymously from offices and homes all over.

Funny or Die

The original video content of this site—founded by funny-man Will Ferrell and his friends—has already made waves in pop culture. Well-known actors and celebrities like Natalie Portman, James Franco and Christina Applegate star in many of the site’s short films, where they poke fun at themselves and others. After that, it’s up to you to vote whether it was “funny” or “die.”


The “fail blog of hand crafts,” this site features some of the worst and weirdest products sold on the e-commerce DIY site. Included: an $85 Malt Ball necklace and a set of two “night stands,” really just firewood, for $850.


Entertain yourself or share a laugh with a friend on JibJab, which specializes in funny eCards. One of their most popular products is the free “Starring You” cards, which put you and your friends’ faces into animated scenes—Irish step dancers, Star Wars, Justin Bieber.


Hang around the Cheezburger domain and check out its now more popular sister weblog: FailBlog. With a slogan like “Helping you feel better about yourself every day,” the site aims for the funny bone with pictures and videos of various human flubs and failures. 


The idea of a “humblebrag”—a vain comment disguised as a humble statement—has hit the popular imagination. On this Twitter account, you will find re-tweets of humblebrags found all over Twitter, including those of the worst offenders—celebrities.  Take this tweet from Brooke Burke:

@brookeburke: "Sh[o]pping for bikinis with my daughter. Omg! We[‘re] the same size. I'm in biiig trouble!"

Awkward Family Photos

Remember those ridiculous outfits everyone had to wear in the Christmas card of ‘82? On Awkward Family Photos, you can ease the humiliation by browsing through others’ photos of yesteryear, or—if you’re brave—post your own ridiculous memories.

I Can Has Cheezburger

Now an internet phenomenon, I Can Has Cheezburger started from a simple idea: visitors post pictures of cute cats and give them clever captions. It caught on quickly and the site now has over 6.6 million monthly visitors.

Very Funny Ads

Once a year, TBS airs its countdown of the funniest commercials—but now you don’t have to wait until then. Check out their “Very Funny Ads” site, stocked with commercials from brands across the globe, because sometimes funny transcends language.

The Onion

Self-proclaimed “America’s Finest News Source,” the satirical site takes on current events with biting sarcasm and has more than 15.3 million views a month. And you can’t beat those headlines, for instance: “Social Security Reform Bill Encourages Americans To Live Faster, Die Younger.”


Lamebook’s format is devoted to highlighting the stupidity of others, in this case: your Facebook friends. Readers post screenshots of the dumbest and most outlandish status updates, photos and wall posts to share the gaffes with others.

Comedy Central

The website for the comedy cable channel delivers the goods when you’re looking for a mid-day laugh break. Catch up on episodes of The Daily Show, get familiar with a new comedian in the featured standup videos, and find some of the best jokes around in their Joke of the Day archive.

Fast Company’s Office Humor

The business magazine has archived some of its funniest stories from print and online into this office humor site. Enjoy wacky slideshows like “The Quirkiest Vending Machines,” take a quiz to find out if you’re considered a jerk by coworkers or check out a satire of office rules. 


Based on the former print magazine of the same name, Cracked features side-splitting original videos, pop culture articles, slideshows and spoofs.

First Published September 20, 2011

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