Olympians Sport Medal-Worthy Nail Art

Athletes are showing their patriotism through nail-polish designs

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Olympic athletes are seriously nailing it this year. Just look at those fingers!

We’ve been quite smitten with all the crazy nail art we’ve spotted on female swimmers, like Missy Franklin’s patriotic take (red-and-blue nails plus American-flag decals) or the red-and-blue paint sported by Allison Schmitt and Elizabeth Biesel.

But as London’s Guardian points out, Americans hardly have the monopoly on showing pride for their country through nail polish. British swimmer Rebecca Adlington and archer Amy Oliver rocked Union Jack nails, and Lithuania swimmer Ruta Meilutyte and Italian swimmer Stefania Pirozzi wore colors representing their flags, too.

We will never swim a freestyle split like our Olympians, but we can emulate their fun—and fierce—nail know-how. Yep, we’re going for the gold. And red. And blue.

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