Excuse Us, Are Those Official Olympic Condoms in Your Wallet?

Officials work to keep unauthorized condoms out of village

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

We already knew there were a whole lot of condoms being handed out at the Olympic Village in London during the Games, but we didn’t realize that there was an official condom—and that all others would be considered contraband.

NPR reports Durex supplied the village with 150,000 free condoms and paid to be the one and only condom brand there. It has been discovered, however, that other brands, including Kangaroo, Pasante and Ansell, have been spotted on-site.

“We will look into this and ask that they are not handed out to other athletes because Durex are our supplier,” an Olympic spokeswoman tells the Guardian, according to the broadcaster.

Condom police. Now that’s going for the gold (coin).

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