Carrying a Torch: Grandma, 100, to Walk With Olympic Flame

Dinah Gould is the oldest of 7,300 torchbearers who will make their way around England

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter news image

Olympic torchbearers have included elite atheletes, famous actors and military heroes, and a soon-to-be-centenarian is set to join their ranks in the global games' history.

Reuters reports Dinah Gould, who will turn 100 before the event in July, has been selected to carry the flame in London, as one of 7,300 torchbearers, walking 300 meters.

“I just hope I do a good job,” she tells the news service, adding that yoga and chocolate help keep her young. “I'm a chocoholic and good health is in my genes—my mother lived until she was 102.”

Now, that deserves the gold.

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First Published March 20, 2012

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