Confessions of a Serial Texter

This is a cry for help. I text my children while they are at school. A lot. And not just for emergencies. 

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Today's blog is a cry for help. I have developed an addiction, and I think it is beginning to affect my children. I feel if I come forward, I may be able to help others who are also fighting this demon. I know I'm not alone. It's embarrassing, demoralizing, and I am very ashamed. But here it is: I text my children while they are at school. A lot. Not just for emergencies. I lay it out here now, knowing this will be read by millions (or at least by my seven followers) and hope to find understanding, support, and yes, forgiveness.   

ME:  "Did you eat last bagel?"


ME:  "Why?"

DAUGHTER:  "Why wouldn't I?"

ME:  "Your brother called it last night."

DAUGHTER:  "Got up first. He's an idiot."

ME: "Don't think we won't be discussing this later."

DAUGHTER: "Can't wait."


ME: "Why did you let the cat out?"

SON: "Didn't."

ME: "Well I can't find him."

SON: "Sure he's around."

ME: "Well hopefully he's not lying in the road somewhere bleeding to death."

ME: "Never mind! Found him!"


ME: "Can I use your car later to take Rudy to vet?"

DAUGHTER: "Use yours."

ME: "Can't. He will stink it up, just had detailed."


ME: "Please, I will lay down sheet."


ME: "After all I do for you?"

MRS. TAFEL (math teacher): "You can pick up your daughter's cell phone in the office after school"

ME:   :(

There is more, much more, but it is painful to see this in writing and I can only take one step at a time. Please do not judge me, faithful readers, you seven. I know I can beat this thing with the support of my friends and community. As Hillary Clinton said, "It takes a village" to do something. But, for me, it takes a Blackberry, a short thumbnail, and a strong signal.


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